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Field of Dreams

Today was a good day to just pull over, and enjoy the moments. Don’t stop day dreaming.

New Beginnings

Knowledge is powerful, freeing I would say. Each day we wake up is a blessing. Each lesson we learn helps us move forward. So when the two collide, that marks a very special new beginning. Opening one’s eyes to see truth, to see the world around you is very liberating. I would even dare say, it thrusts you forward.  “Truth…

the journey forward

I think it’s safe to say, most everybody’s path in life has it’s up’s and down’s, sudden shifts, drops, obstacles and challenges. There are times we can’t see beyond a few feet ahead, but keep walking blindly, sometimes with faith hoping the journey will help us arrive to our goals, dreams or greener pastures.  There are some people who have every…

Past, Present, Future

Something very special about this house. It was one of the first things I photographed over 5 years ago when I began this journey. I thought of it throughout the years fondly. I had an opportunity to photograph it again.   This time I went with a new-to-me telephoto lens. Zoom in to see the windows, details of the worn,…

Take the road less travelled

I spent my Sunday with my brother, a fellow avid photographer. I took him to a location I found on my travels, and then he took me to some of his favourite locations. 7 hours spent together driving, criss crossing central PEI, on every back clay road. Not a bad way to spend the day! Finding the roads less travelled…

Fox Eyes

Fox Eyes

Until a wild animal looks you straight in the eyes, you haven’t felt true humility. This fox honored me with his presence this day.
When you enter their home, treat it with respect. When they let you in their space, honor them with gratitude. When they come to you, be grateful for the message.

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