Kwe’ !

My name is Patricia Bourque. I am Mi’kmaw First Nation member of Lennox Island First Nation, from Epekwitk also known as Prince Edward Island. Located in the traditional territory of Mi’kma’ki. I am a visual artists, working with still image and cinematic.

My passion for photography has spread into photographing events of all sizes, sports, wildlife, live music and of course my MI’kmaq Culture. I don’t think of myself as a technical photographer. I am self-taught in photography where I learn from experiences and observing other photographers that I admire. I prefer this natural learning method over classrooms. I feel that this way I can stay true to who I am as an Artist.

My work has been published in several national magazines such as BEC-Business Elite Canada, Toque and Canoe, and Canadian Geographic. I’ve been a part of 2 gallery shows, one of which was all of my own work, and the other was part of a group of Indigenous Women’s art show.

I love sharing what I do, so sharing with others is still the most important part for me.
When I share my photos, I’m taking you along on my journey of spiritual and personal growth. Capturing the essence of life, the moments and places in times that can bring love and laughter. Thank you all for sharing in these moments with me…and enjoy!


Wela’llin~ Thank you for your support, enjoy!”

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