My Journey

What is home

I am truly grateful for every day of my life.

It is through life’s ups and downs, we grow as individuals. I certainly had my share, and regret nothing in life. I am proud of the person I’ve become, I’m proud of the daughter I’m raising. We are growing together, learning from one another. In fact she has taught me so much in life in her 13 years on this Earth, than I had learned in my 20-some years before she arrived.

We are indeed, exactly where we need to be, don’t fear change but rather embrace it. There are no accidents. Don’t carry regret for the lows in one’s life, rather carry gratitude for those lessons. It is those lessons that mould us, to become great human beings.

Published by Patricia Bourque Photography

I am Mi'kmaw. My passion is photography. I use my photos as my words. I am from Prince Edward Island. Born in Charlottetown. Just trying to find my way.

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