An Open Window

An Open Window

It’s time to step out of the darkness, and embrace the light!

Published by Patricia Bourque Photography

I am Mi'kmaw. My passion is photography. I use my photos as my words. I am from Prince Edward Island. Born in Charlottetown. Just trying to find my way.

2 thoughts on “An Open Window

  1. Hi Patricia, I’d say 2012 is the year for you to create a book of memories and photos, your very own book. I love your 2012 outlook on life and with some advice from Julie P-L Honestly, I bet you could start a book that could eventually be published. Happy 2012! Roberta.

    1. Thank you Roberta, for everything, I’ve been focusing on working on a book for one year. Julie has been one of my greatest supporters and advisor’s. I’m preparing for great things to happen in 2012. Happy New Year from my family to yours! ! !

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