Christmas Memories

Young or old, traditional or not, most people have memories of Christmas past. Positive or negative, those memories stick with us for a life time.

My fondest memories of the season started as a  young child. Raised in a single parent home, money was not plentiful, but some how, my Mom created “perfect” Christmas’ every year, from a child’s perspective that is, and effortless! Watching her prepare all the baked goodies, even the gum drop cakes was fun, mostly because of those gum drops hidden in the cupboard before baking, yum!  Sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, and oh the meat pies and date squares!!!

Then of course the tradition of Church on a weekly-without fail-basis,  until Christmas eve when Baby Jesus finally arrived in the manager. But the piece de resistance, Christmas eve at my Aunt and Uncle’s! Charlie Brown Christmas tree, wall to wall cousins and kids so eagerly awaiting Santa Claus to bring our gifts we waited so long for, but until that happened, food food food! Fish chowder, meat pies, and sweets as far as the eyes could see!  Then the time comes when the songs began, this of course lead up to Santa arriving, wearing that faded old suit, and funny white beard. Made to sit and wait until we thought we would bust just to hear our names being called so we each had a turn to pick up a gift from the tree.  Hand knitted mittens, chocolates, and funny thing is I often forget the other little treat in the package, but I would never ever forget those hand knitted mittens.

Christmas eve was usually the highlight of the whole holiday. Yes the mornings were good too, mom heating up a meat pie while I opened up all my endless amount of gifts, thou it seemed to me anyway. She wrapped every single thing that went under the tree and in my stocking. Mom found so much joy in doing that…and even more joy watching me unwrap it all.

It’s those emotions and memories and picture perfect holidays I try so hard to re-create for my own daughter. Was it really that hard to do for my Mom? She couldn’t of possibly be stressed out for two months until it was all done like I am? No way she worked as hard as I do to save up for those amazing gifts, and work hard for a smile on Christmas morning, and those awesome smiles and thank-you’s. How on earth did she do it all?

Well, 30+ years ago, we didn’t have cell phones, iPod or iPads, notebooks, or e readers, no x box’s no wii’s, no state of the art computers, or LCD TV’s, blue rays, oh god the list goes on, and the cheapest thing on that list…is the $200.00 iPod.

I know I didn’t say it enough when I was growing up…but I want to say, thank you Mom, for everything you did, for all the sacrifices, for the unconditional love and support you gave me. For the wonderful memories, and for teaching me valuable lessons.  ^i^

Merry Christmas,  and many blessings for 2012

Published by Patricia Bourque Photography

I am Mi'kmaw. My passion is photography. I use my photos as my words. I am from Prince Edward Island. Born in Charlottetown. Just trying to find my way.

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